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Online courses for believers, disciples and leaders to build faith, and move forward in their relationship with Jesus.


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Can we change the nations?

6th-8th June 2023

This is a refresher course based on the theme of our Mission Europe Conference, a chance to regroup, refresh and recharge our passion and faith to see our nations changed. 

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Women's Alliance

7th - 9th Nov 2023

To gather and empower females who carry the gift of leadership across Europe.

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Increase Our Faith 

4th-6th July 2023

A study on the topic of faith so that we can increase ours and once again believe God can do mighty works in us and through us.

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Scalpel School Intensive 

4th-8th December 2023

A residential retreat to increase our intensity and devotion in following Jesus Christ. Cost: Estimated £250 (Not including transport). Location: South of England. Please let us know if you are interested.


We offer Scalpel School courses for FREE!

We also warmly receive donations to help us create more resources, grow the curriculum and bless as many future students as we can.

If you have been blessed by one of our courses, or would like to financially support our vision for Scalpel School please use the details below:

Flow Church | 20-65-20 | 63505170 | Ref: "Scalpel"


"Scalpel school has renewed our minds and we thank you so much for putting aside your time and energy to create a space for the Lord to work in us!"

Chris & Ruth

"The Mens Scalpel School forced me to look into the eyes of my brothers and to find real hope there…"


"Your passion for Jesus is inspiring and infectious. I have grown so much under your leadership, excited for things to come."


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