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Mar 07, 2022
In Prayer
I have never met you Pastor A, but almost feel I know you as the whole of Flow Church love you. I watched you on Waterfall, and was struck by what a warm personality you have. You are in my prayers ,and the prayers of us all at Flow. I think I shouted the loudest at our Sunday gathering yesterday when Liam did the Flow greeting for you, I so wanted you to know you are not forgotten, and we think of you constantly. I pray for Gods protection over you and your loved ones , I pray he leads you all to safety, that he takes your hand and says "Follow me" and you feel reassured by his calm presence, knowing that he once parted the waves to make a path, and he is doing it again for Ukraine. I pray all of your party and those you are helping are also led by God to safety. I pray that in time you can return when Ukraine is once more a place of refuge and safety. God is with you, he will not leave you, close your eyes and sense him there. We at Flow are also with you and cannot wait to see you again, but this time in person. God bless you and keep you, you are not alone.
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